Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fresh Learners

Young children are eager to learn. We must continue to nurture the curiosity they bring to learning. Providing quality teaching, close partnerships between schools and parents will support each student to succeed. By focusing on building confidence and ensuring success will produce supernatural results.

Digital Ocean

School librarians fight the impression daily that we play a tangential role in the school library system across the country. We are teaching the students how to think but the board of education is teaching them how to feel in a little bubble. How are they ever going to be able to function in the real world if they are not given real world experiences? Students are swimming in technology and do not know how to filter through it. It is very important to know how to decode Internet addresses and how to assess the authors.Developing PowerPoint's and videos are not typically tools learned at home. Librarians are needed to guide students,teachers, and parents through the digital ocean.


I never really thought about creating a facebook page for the library until today. It is not a bad idea especially because it is the new my space. Everyone and their mom has a page. Patrons would be able to access information from their cell phones as well as their computers. New books and events can be listed on your page as well as inquiries. My only concern would be keeping it classy and not trashy.

Library Customer Service

Greet the patron
Offer assistance
Thank them and invite them back
Always wear your name tag so the patron can identify you
Pass the buck when you do not know the information
Escort them to the desired section
Never say no

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

APA Format

I have such a problem with implementing APA format. I have the APA format book in my possession and still encounter issues. I guess I just have to get use to it. Do you ever get used to citing sources?

Teacher Involvement

Why is it so hard to get teachers on board with research tools? Are they stubborn and stuck in their old ways or are they just uneducated about the materials? How can teachers expect students to catch on to foreign material when they do not practice what they preach? Teachers are suppose to be lifelong learners. How can librarians increase teacher involvement and appreciation for the library.

Additional Licensure Plan

Why is it so hard to get a library position in Little Rock with a ALP? Why does the federal government set guidelines that conflict with the state? How many ALP's are schools issued over a three year period? I feel like I can be more successful with hands on learning. Can somebody please help?

Pathfinder followup

Today I finally finished my pathfinder assignment and I got the opportunity toget into it. I navigated the children's literature sight through UCA. I came up with some pretty interesting books that should interest my students. I'm seriously thinking about incorporating this into my classroom next year.